H - Hotel & Shopping Center
The buildings are purposely designed to inspire civic pride, state-of-the-art design, culture and community. The materials embrace light, hierarchy, transparency and weight to inspire the human emotion.
A main ceremonial entryway is sited between the shopping mall and the hotel. This provides ease of wayfinding that directs visitors to their perspective design destinations. Transparency in the jeweled structures further supports wayfinding, communityand iconographic design.


Panels of perforated metal-sheathing provide thermal enclosure and shading, and a single layer of fritted glass acts as wind and rain screen, reduces heat gain, and, with varying degrees of opacity, generates a sense of depth in the facade. Great determination is placed upon developing a sustainable facility that off ers shading for unconditioned programmed spaces that will assist to cool the curtainwall of the programmed space situated within the shaded outside structure.
 H - Mall
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