H - Hotel & Shopping Center
In crafting our architectural marvels, our foremost intention is to kindle a profound sense of civic pride, showcase cutting-edge design, and foster a vibrant culture within our community. Guided by the interplay of light, hierarchy, transparency, and weight, our materials are carefully selected to evoke deep human emotions.
At the heart of our complex lies a majestic ceremonial entrance, strategically positioned between the bustling shopping mall and elegant hotel. This deliberate placement not only simplifies wayfinding for our guests but also beckons them towards their respective design destinations. The transparent allure of our jeweled structures not only aids navigation but also enhances our sense of community and cultural identity.
Delving into the realm of materiality, we employ panels of perforated metal sheathing to provide thermal insulation and shading, while a single layer of fritted glass serves as a shield against the elements. This strategic choice not only reduces heat gain but also imbues our facades with a captivating sense of depth. Our unwavering commitment to sustainability drives us to create spaces that offer shelter and comfort while minimizing energy consumption, ensuring that our architectural legacy stands as a beacon of innovation and environmental responsibility.
 H - Mall
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