Moon Goddess Resort
The figure of Chang’e, a beauty dressed in the elegant garments of a bygone age floats away towards the moon. Naturally, she supplies unending inspiration for beautiful & elegant garments of poetic composition for the natural elements of the site.

Along the lakeside coast lies the Resort with a 4-star hotel, Apartment service building, and a water sports club. This Eco-resort has many healthy choices of fun, from tennis courts, olympic size pools, or the choice of relaxing hot springs. 

Flowing back from the lakeside resort you will find the long “garment ribbons” of Chang’e, which are Hubei long tradition of maintaining and livelyhood; rice fields. Surrounding the fields will be comprised of a community of villas, that will also have amenities of fresh produce markets from the local farms, as well as a day care and recreational shopping center for the neighborhood to enjoy.
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