Moon Resort
with Iconic Design Group
The conceptual master plan sites four main crescent shaped buildings on a steep hillside that shares its edge with E -Lake. The buildings frame a large central public plaza at its entry, and a mltitude of private guest courtyards on the lake side of the main hotel building.The aim is ti design a village - create a sense of space- by placing equal importance to the interstitial exterior spaces between the buildings, as well the buiildings themselves. By doing so, the design lends itself to build a sense of community by creating spaces that foster interaction with building forms that celebrate human emotion.

The landscape was designed to create a variety of different experiences. The plan is specifically planned to create memories by casting a delightful spell on its visitors - through its lush parks, botanical gardens, outdoor amphitheater, cultural center, warm baths, pools, and recreational sports facilities.
A special feature is our introduction of a funicular ( a hill-side rail system). Funicular systems have been widely used throught the world to climb mountains and hills. They have helped to create major tourist attractions. The planned funicular is to reduce the carbon footprint of our conceptual developing by virtually eliminating automobile traffic and movement on-site.
Hotel - Suite Room
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